Ever Wondered What the best time of the day to interview is? Legal recruitment agency Douglas Scott looked back at its last 1,000 successful  interviews (where a candidate got the job or got put through to the next round), and Wednesday lunchtime looks like a frontrunner.

Their successful interviews were at the following times

  • 6am – 9am  7{37fa68872a2ce2c5f2bc6589daf37ceaace40370d89fb65a3ac0f080fc41debd}
  • 9am – 11am 26{37fa68872a2ce2c5f2bc6589daf37ceaace40370d89fb65a3ac0f080fc41debd}
  • 11am – 2pm 34{37fa68872a2ce2c5f2bc6589daf37ceaace40370d89fb65a3ac0f080fc41debd}
  • 2pm – 5pm 24{37fa68872a2ce2c5f2bc6589daf37ceaace40370d89fb65a3ac0f080fc41debd}
  • 5pm – 8 pm 9{37fa68872a2ce2c5f2bc6589daf37ceaace40370d89fb65a3ac0f080fc41debd}


And by day of the week

  • Monday  7{37fa68872a2ce2c5f2bc6589daf37ceaace40370d89fb65a3ac0f080fc41debd}
  • Tuesday  18{37fa68872a2ce2c5f2bc6589daf37ceaace40370d89fb65a3ac0f080fc41debd}
  • Wednesday 34{37fa68872a2ce2c5f2bc6589daf37ceaace40370d89fb65a3ac0f080fc41debd}
  • Thursday 9{37fa68872a2ce2c5f2bc6589daf37ceaace40370d89fb65a3ac0f080fc41debd}
  • Friday 30{37fa68872a2ce2c5f2bc6589daf37ceaace40370d89fb65a3ac0f080fc41debd}


Sleep-deprived workers

As for which candidates  are likely to be at their sharpest at the crack of dawn or late in the evening, September also brought us a Travelodge survey asking 2,000 people across a number of different professionals how well they slept.

Bankers are the most sleep deprived, getting an average of just five hours 50 minutes sleep a night, and spending an hour and 40 minutes a day worrying about work instead of sleeping.

All other professions managed over six hours sleep, although teachers and nurses could manage just four and 11 minutes above that respectively.

HR got the second-longest nights of the 10 professions in the survey, at six and half hours on the dot, and they were also the only ones spending less than an hour worrying (57 minutes to be precise!).

The most somnolent profession of all; marketing, with average trips to the land of nod coming in at a frankly lavish six hours and 36 minutes.


(Courtesy of Recruiter magazine September  2013 edition).