A survey by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has revealed that approximately one in four (24{37fa68872a2ce2c5f2bc6589daf37ceaace40370d89fb65a3ac0f080fc41debd}) employers will be taking on seasonal staff this year.


Of the employers who were asked whether they would be hiring more Christmas staff this year, 15{37fa68872a2ce2c5f2bc6589daf37ceaace40370d89fb65a3ac0f080fc41debd} said that they would be hiring the same as last year, and nearly one in 10 (9{37fa68872a2ce2c5f2bc6589daf37ceaace40370d89fb65a3ac0f080fc41debd}) said they would be hiring more Christmas staff this year. Two thirds of employers questioned (67{37fa68872a2ce2c5f2bc6589daf37ceaace40370d89fb65a3ac0f080fc41debd}) do not hire any seasonal staff.


Workers taken on to meet high Christmas demand may also find that their seasonal temping job turns into a permanent position, with 27{37fa68872a2ce2c5f2bc6589daf37ceaace40370d89fb65a3ac0f080fc41debd} planning to keep some temps on in the New Year and a further one in three (32{37fa68872a2ce2c5f2bc6589daf37ceaace40370d89fb65a3ac0f080fc41debd}) have not decided whether they will keep these temps after Christmas

(Courtesy of the recruitment & employment confederation. www.rec.uk.com).